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Warning: foot fetish and domination Mario x Daisy  if you don't like this kind of things or you don't the paring please leave.
This story takes places in London during the 2012 olympic games, Wher Mario, Sonic and their friends was competing, After a whole day of running and a London party Princess Daisy was in her way to her hotel room.
"Man, that was such a heavy day my feet are killing me" the princess said almost screaming.
His room was a white medium side room with two queen side beds and a little coffe table in the center. She was sharing the room with Blaze but neither of both was in the room so much time they prefer to explore the marvelous city, the room was in a building in the second floor, the Mario and Sonic room was in front.
Once in the room she opened the door with a kick and the princess launch herself into her bed leaving the door open.
She take her shoes and socks off"much better", she wiggle her toes a little bit, she was laying in her bed.
She was thinking about taking a shower, When suddenly Mario open the door of his room getting outside and he close the door behind him.
"hey Mario" Daisy said with a smile "hi ya Daisy" Mario entered the room and he notices than Daisy was all sweaty tired "Umm are you ok?" he asked.
"Yes I'm fine, is just that I was in a London party and I was running so much and I get the fourth place" Daisy answer  with a sad face "Don't worry Daisy" Mario sits in the edge of the bed.  "there's a lot of opportunities than you can win" The red plumber said with a smile "by the way where's is luigi? " he asked
"I don't know I didn't see him in all the day" Daisy sits up and start thinking about something
"it's something wrong?" Mario asked "umm no please wait a sec" Daisy run out of the room while Mario stand ups and he watch the coffee table, when suddenly someone have tackle him down making Mario hit the table with his head " oh Mamma mia…" Mario has been knock out "whoops I just I wanted to hold him so I can tied him up" Daisy said while she was on her knees with a ropein her hands
"oh well" Daisy started to tied up Mario.
After 15 minutes Mario wake up "uff my head hurt " he was tied up to a chair in front of Daisy bed, he tried to move his arms but the rope was pretty tough,  suddenly he see the door being open by Daisy.
"You finally wake up" Daisy said outside the door "iwas worried"
"Daisy?" "What's going on ? why I'm tied?" Mario asked really worried
"Well the story his that Luigi is probably in a London party so he's not going to come for a while  I think Blaze and Peach are there too" Daisy answer with evil smile while she was locking the door behind her and she sits in the bed putting her feet in the coffee table right in front of Mario.
"You'll see this is what Luigi does when in stressed" Daisy said putting her feet in Mario's nose,
"Ohh Daisy…" Mario was staring to kiss Daisy feet.
"Now you know what is this about" Daisy said with a smile.
Daisy was moaning softly, Mario kiss the soles and toes and he start to sniff her heel tickling her with his moustache "Marioheheheplease don't do thathahaha or I will…", Mario stop and he continue worship her soles but this time he was licking them, "ohh that's good" Daisy said a little loud Mario watch a moment a clock in the wall, it was 8 P.M.
Mario continue licking her soles for like five minutes and he advance towards the toes making Daisy moan louder "ohh Mario mmm"
He lick between the toes and he start to suck the toes "Mario I think I'm gonna have you here for a while Daisy said with a smile and a blush.
It was almost midnight when Mario go outside the room and he enter to the other hotel room that he was sharing with Sonic.
Sonic was in his own bed watching the T.V. when he saw Mario standing in the door "dude you  take so long in getting something to eat" Sonic said.
Without said anything Mario lay in his bed trying to sleep with a slightly blush in his face.
"Are you okay?" Sonic asked
"I just eat a lot" Mario answer closing his eyes to sleep.
This is my second fanfic so this include fethish and Mario x Daisy paring so HATERS PLEASE LEAVE

Super Mario and princess Daisy belong to Nintendo
Sonic the hedgehog belong to Sega
choc761 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2014
Very nice story, wish you would write more. There are a lot of grammatical errors though. Is English your first language.
EarthboundWilliam714 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012
Nice story!. I can have a request of a story. I would like to have a story about Princess Daisy's Sneakers being worshiped. I have a sneaker fetish and a foot fetish too. I love both Princess Daisy's feet , and sneakers.
anasshole23 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012
ok, i will try. :)
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