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Warning: Tickle fiction and a little foot worship, if you don't like this kind of fictions leave.
It was the final days of the London Olympics where Mario and Sonic were competing. Mario was in the outside of the main stadium waiting for the bus that will take him to the hotel. "Mamma mia, just a few days more to the end" Mario was thinking "And we have more medals than the Sonic team, this is going pretty well".
"Hey Mario" someone was screaming Mario turn back to see Amy Rose was looking for him.
"Oh hello Amy" Mario said with a smile.
"Mario, I need to carry some stuff for the next event" Amy said with a tiny smile "can please help me"
"I don't know, what if I lost the bus"
"Pleeeeeeeeease" Amy said with a sad tone "I can't do it by myself; come on it will be really quick".
"Okay I will do it"
"Thanks" Amy grab Mario's hand and they start to walk to the entrance of the stadium.
The stadium was totally empty. "You know Amy sometimes this… uff" something hit Mario head leaving him knocked out in the floor.

"UFF um... where am I?" Mario was waking up. "Where… Where's Amy and why I can't move my arms and my legs?"
Mario was in a metal table tied up in a dark room.
"Hey Blaze, he finally wake up" Mario could hear a girl voice "Who's there?"
"Hey Mario" Amy was in front of Mario's feet.
"Amy! Where are we?" Mario asks nervously.
"Well you see Mario the Olympics are almost complete and we are losing, so Blaze and I decided to get you here and convince you to let us win the rest of the events".
"WHAT? That is why you hit me". Mario asks in a scream.
"That was actually Blaze". Amy answer.
"Hi Mario" Blaze said behind Mario's head.
"So like I was saying you are gonna let us win the last events" Amy said.
"And what if I said no" Mario said with an angry face.
"This" Amy start to remove Mario's shoes and she put a finger in his socked sole.
"hehehehe" Mario start laughing.
"Whoa your feet are really sensitive, Blaze start to tickle the armpits!"
And so Blaze start to tickle while Mario was laughing really loud.
"I will stop until you say that you are gonna let us win." Amy respond with an evil smile.
"I'm sorry Mario but the Olympics are really important to us, so please let us win"
"Tickle harder Blaze".
Mario was laughing like crazy, Amy and Blaze were merciless Mario never laugh so much in his life.
"Just say that you are gonna let us win" Amy said.
Amy decided to take Mario's socks off, as she did Mario start to laugh louder and louder.
"Just do it Mario" Blaze was saying in some worrisome tone, still tickling his armpits.
Mario was tearing now, he was really helpless with Amy enjoying touch his soft and kind of smelly feet, she love how Mario wiggle his toes as she tickle them, meanwhile Blaze wasn't really happy at all, "if I only can tickle his feet" she think making a disappointing face.
"Alright Blaze let him take a breath" Amy said.
"You are… a being… sadist" Mario said with tears in his eyes and heavily breathing.
"Well I guess you are not gonna do it yet so… BLAZE COME HERE! "
Blaze walk to where Amy was.
"Grab the left foot and stand on your knees". Blaze grab Mario's foot on the sides and Amy do the same with the right foot.
"What are you gonna do know?" Mario asked.
No one of the girls answer and Amy start to kiss Mario's right sole and Blaze do the same with his left sole.
Mario start to giggle to him the sensation of his feet being kissed was good but he have nothing to say about it.
Amy start to kiss the toes while Blaze was kissing the heel that make Mario laugh a bit.
"It's enough kissing, let see what you really taste like" Amy said as he start to lick Mario's right foot as Blaze do the same again with his left foot.
"mmm so delicious" Amy said as she enjoy the marvelous flavor of Mario's feet.
"mmm indeed" Blaze respond.
Amy and blaze lick the soles and the heels while Mario was suffering and Blaze go for the toes and Mario start to laugh really hard.
"Amy! I think that he finally gonna let us win, start to lick his toes" Blaze said and Amy start to do it.
Mario was laughing like a really crazy clown and almost crying for the tickles, Amy and Blaze were licking between the toes making Mario laugh even harder.
After two hours Mario was, still tied up and barefoot with his feet covered with saliva in the metal table and passed out for all the tickling.
Amy and Blaze were there in front of Mario's looking them.
"Amy, don't you think that I was a little excessive?" Blaze asked.
"No, we must wi,n no matter what" Amy respond.
"Well I'm gonna eat gonna eat something, you wanna come?" Blaze asked again.
"Nah, I gotta think about new tickle tricks when wake up."
Blaze left leaving Amy and the passed out Mario in the dark room.
"But while I think…" Amy grab Mario's feet and start to lick his soles again.
"MMM tasty…" now she can enjoy the fantastic flavor alone.
Hello fellas and haters, its been a while but im kind of back so enjoy this fic and more work is coming over (maybe something from street fighter)

Super Mario belongs to Nintendo

Amy Rose and Blaze the cat belongs to SEGA
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SomeGuyYouDoNotKnow Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014
Oh, finally! A Mario tickle fic that involves Mario as the ticklee!
INomYourSoul Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013
this is an awesome story. it has a few areas where it could use some work, but I have to say I absolutely loved this.
anasshole23 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013
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anasshole23 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012
what can i say? i always want to see a fic like that DEAL WITH IT
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